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Does any of this sound like YOU?

  • You've tried every program out there but still haven't achieved the results you want.
  • You're frustrated by not knowing exactly what to eat and how to workout for your goals.
  • You want to change for the better but feel discouraged by the lack of support in your life.
  • You're prepared to do what it takes if only you could trust someone who will guide you.
  • You're willing to follow a program if it's effective, flexible and fits into your life
  • Obviously you haven't given up because you are here... And...

I know this is how you feel because I used to be in your shoes. Now I help people just like you turn the tables by transforming their bodies and their lives.

If you're not happy with your body and your health please keep reading because no matter what your age, fitness level or body type, this can be the first day of your "dream come true" transformation.

Never say never, and don't let
anyone tell you, you can't!

What you are about to read was written by a woman who at 37 years of age had never exercised, never owned a bikini and was so out of shape, flabby and full of cellulite she couldn't bear to look at herself naked in the mirror.

That woman is me!

You see, I was never healthy or fit - in fact my diet was disgusting and I had a fear of exercise. For the first 19 years of my life I suffered from chronic, acute asthma - in and out of hospital and even intensive care.

I came very close to dying young. As a teenager I learned to cope by disconnecting from my body.

I focused on what I thought mattered most, the inside of me. I became a classical musician and threw myself into my career.

I will share the rest of my unique and challenging story with you later but through a series of events that hit me very, VERY hard I discovered that the outside does matter and feeling good about yourself can help make all the other dreams in your life come true!

I know what it takes, I have the proof that it can be done and I can help you. Whether it's losing those last few stubborn pounds, re-building your physique or achieving a radical transformation, I can help you do it.

You can have the body you deserve,
no matter what your age, fitness
level or current weight

  • Have you tried lots of fad diets and programs which never made you feel or look the way you want long term?
  • Are you 80% happy with your body but want to trim down and tone up your legs, hips and butt (without making them bulky)?
  • Do you want to finally get rid of the horrible flab, develop attractive muscle tone and get back into your skinny jeans, sexy outfits and get a hot new bikini in the size you used to be?
  • Are you just tired of feeling bloated all the time and obsessed with food?
  • Do you want to reverse emotional eating and feel happy and healthy again, full of energy, more social and positive?
  • Do you feel discouraged by your age, frustrated by confusing hormonal changes and the stubborn belly fat that persists, regardless of what you do?
  • Or maybe you're not overweight, but want to change from "skinny-fat" to "sexy-fit".
  • Are you a personal trainer who is great at helping others but has never been able to achieve your ideal physique?

All of these are real life goals of people on Get Lean who have achieved their dream body!

If looking at your body in the mirror is emotionally painful then keep reading for my intimate and very personal story

I understand your pain, frustration and struggles to achieve the body you want - because I have been there. Set aside any assumptions you might have and let me tell you my true and powerfully inspiring story...

Here I am at my desk on my last day as National Training Manager for Shiseido Australia (28th July 2001). I was just like so many other people in their 30s...I thought I had it "All":

  • A high-paying executive career.
  • International travel.
  • A husband and a large network of friends and colleagues.
  • Active membership in my church.
  • A beautiful home in a fabulous city with all the "material possessions".

But ironically I was too stressed and overworked to stop and think about my own body, health and well-being.

The suffering I went through with my childhood asthma left me feeling like my body was a failure, that I could never be "in shape" let alone fit, healthy or strong. I was afraid of physical exertion and never exercised.

I gave up all hope and told myself
it was impossible to change

I may look happy in the photo but I knew what hid on the inside, a secret I kept to myself.

I was discouraged and disappointed with my life. I felt trapped in a "role" I hadn't truly chosen and had lost sight of the most meaningful dreams and deepest desires I once had.

My body and spirit paid the price. Though I wasn't extremely overweight, I was horribly out of shape - and my perfectly proper executive suit hid a body covered with flabby fat and cellulite.

I couldn't bear to look at myself naked in the mirror, I couldn't, I wouldn't and I didn't.

I felt trapped and powerless to turn around
the things I didn't like about my body

I tried to push down the uneasy feeling something was very wrong.

But it was always there bubbling under the surface, getting louder and louder. I made changes to every thing except what really mattered.

Then there were the fears: I was getting older, what did my career and work mean in the big picture, who were my real friends, where did my family fit in, why didn't I have the children I had longed for - what was going on with me?

The way I looked on the outside...
was a reflection of everything WRONG
on the inside

So what triggered my dramatic transformation?

How did I go from a very conservative, dutiful church-going wife and executive to independent, free spirited world traveller surf chick and fitness expert in the space of a few short years?

The following series of events hit me hard... very, VERY hard...

I was invited to a pool party, and while shopping for a bathing suit, I felt like the world had shifted on its axis.

Seeing my body covered in cellulite and flab - in triplicate - in the dressing room's three-sided, full-length mirrors and hideous ultraviolet lighting was more than I could bear. I realized I had never owned a bikini - or any kind of sexy outfit - and I sure wasn't going to start now.

I went home in tears and without a bathing suit... I hid myself - I stayed on the sidelines of the party... and my life.

That painful image of myself in those mirrors was burned into my brain. It seemed like the first time in years that I had truly looked at myself, and I hadn't just seen my outer self - but even more revealing was - I knew I was looking at my inner self, too.

Then suddenly everything culminated in a traumatically painful and unexpected divorce at age 40.

I had every reason to let myself go...

How do you pick up the pieces and start again when you feel like everything is over?

I began with my body.

I discovered that "over the hill" doesn't mean a hill of beans - because, anyone, at any age, can be who and whatever we want to be. I found the courage to let go of the past and discover a new life. The life I truly wanted!!

The restlessness that had been simmering all my life just exploded. I had to do something drastic - all in a very positive way. I resigned from my job and sold everything. I went backpacking solo in Central America and Spain.

I learned to surf and, in a complete turnaround from my previous soft, comfy life, I stayed at little Spanish schools on the beach so I could study Spanish and surf all day.

I found myself living on the other side of the world making a new life. Discovering the "real" me...

It was drastic, yes. But - it was what I longed for. Then one day I realized...

My body transformed so radically I
didn't recognize myself in the mirror

My family and friends were shocked and I still have to pinch myself - some days I still can't believe the body in the mirror is really me.

Magazine Pics

You may notice I have very few "before" pics.

This is simply because I hated having my photograph taken. I never owned a bikini, let alone wore one and the very few photos I do have are me covered up in clothes and hiding behind other people.

But now...

I have a new dream & a new mission to
help other people who need to make
major, life defining changes...

I know first-hand how lonely it can get and not having anyone to turn to.

So starting today I want to help you change, transform, and experience the deep fulfillment of being the best you can be, want to be, and deserve to be — NOT just in a physical sense, but on a deeper level of inner peace and feeling good about where you're going in life.

I've had a lot to learn, but the most important lesson is this: I can be anybody I want to be. It's my choice. And you also have the ultimate choice about your life and your goals... So...

How about you? Who are you? What
goals are most important to YOU?

Can you answer those powerfully important questions?

Listen carefully. Get Lean is the real deal, true blue, no frills, down to earth transformation program - without all the hype. I know what it takes. I have the proof that it works. I know it will work for you.

I'm NOT some 20 year old genetically blessed girl telling you how to get skinny. The truth is, I'm probably a lot more like you than you may think...

So, if I can achieve this lean strong sexy body at age 47 then whatever your age, 20, 30, 40 or 50 or beyond, you can do it too and get your best body ever.

What's stopping you from
achieving your dream body?

~ The Problem ~

Hyped-up claims & not knowing who to trust

  • Trying hyped-up "diet" fads that put you on the rebound weight gain roller-coaster. You end up damaging your metabolism, feeling tired and fatigued due to lack of sufficient nutrients, more prone to weight gain and susceptible to over-eating.
  • Listening to confusing and contradictory information that doesn't make sense. Trying to get into great shape but in the end feeling frustrated, depressed and giving up because it seems too hard.
  • Hitting a plateau and not seeing results despite busting your gut in the gym. You keep doing the same old workouts over and over again even though you are making no progress (or going backwards) simply because you don't know what to do next. Or if what you are doing is even right...
  • Missing a workout just because "you can't get to the gym". Feeling dependent on gym equipment and not knowing how to train at home if you need to.
  • Wasting hours and hours on cardio only to see the scale going up not down. Feeling exhausted and sore but seeing absolutely no results in the mirror.
  • Killing yourself with endless "crunches" but never seeing even a hint of "abs" despite the time and effort you are putting in.

Am I reading your mail? You are not alone! Millions of people every year waste precious time, money and life energy on useless damaging diets and spend endless hours in the gym doing the same old routines and getting nowhere.

~ The Truth ~

You have the power to change

1. It's never too late

No matter your age, fitness level or current weight it is never too late to achieve the body of your dreams.

But people will try to discourage you. Simply because of their own insecurities.

You need a rock solid program that gets you started quickly and easily with practical support and encouragement by someone who walks the talk - someone who understands your challenges and can give you the right help you need to succeed.

2. Results speak for themselves

Look for evidence that a program is tried, tested and proven. Not based on gimmicks, fads or the latest buzz, but built on sound scientific nutritional and training principles that can be easily followed and applied by anyone.

3. Success will come if YOU believe it will

Total body transformation starts with change from the inside out. By reversing negative self-sabotaging thoughts you can conquer past bad habits and go on freely to achieve your goals.

You will become happier, more confident and successful in all areas of your life.

4. Identify with the right role models

Look for someone who has overcome similar problems - they have the power to inspire and motivate you. It skyrockets your chance at success.

You need to know there is a real person behind the program, who you can identify with and TRUST.

~ Your Solution ~

Transform your body from the inside out

Get The Same Proven Transformation System
I Use For Myself & With My One-On-One Clients.

Not only have I dramatically transformed my own body in my 40's after never exercising in my life but I've also had a 100% success rate with my personal clients. Today I want to share my secrets so you have the chance to replicate this success without having to hire me personally or waste your money on diets, pills, programs or trainers who don’t know what they are doing.

Note to Personal Trainers: many trainers like Olivia in the Testimonial section of this page are using the Get Lean System with their own clients with outstanding long-term results.

With Get Lean you will NEVER hit a plateau so the changes you see will just keep getting better over time - re-shaping and sculpting your body while losing that extra body fat (even in those stubborn areas). You will develop a sexy, ultra-fit and beautifully balanced physique.

  • Fire up your fat burning metabolism and get lean fast with the right combination of metabolic nutrients from natural whole foods combined with the synergy effect of High Intensity, Resistance and Circuit Training.
  • No more super strict unrealistic diets. Many people tell me that on Get Lean they have never eaten so much healthy food in their life, they never feel hungry and consistently keep losing weight. Imagine 90 days of knowing exactly what to eat and with regular Treat Meals. Within weeks, your new way of eating will set you up for a life-time of results.
  • Hit the ground running and see fast results even if you are a newbie or a hard-core gym junkie. You won’t need an expensive gym membership because everything can be done at home with minimal equipment. All the workouts have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels so you can begin according to your current condition and experience knowing you will be challenged beyond that when you are ready.
  • Dramatically accelerate your progress by discovering how to exercise naturally with the full range of motion, proper tempo and correct form. You will see consistent progress and avoid plateaus by constantly stimulating your muscles and challenging your body with a variety of workouts and exercises to prevent adaptation.
  • Activate your muscle fibers at their deepest layers to dramatically define and re-shape your body in new ways you never imagined possible (no matter what your age or even if you have never exercised before in your life).
  • Receive my caring personal attention when you need it most with 30 days free 24/7 access to Aussie Transformation Coach Private Members Area. You will get all your questions answered and have the support you need to stay on track and succeed.

With Get Lean you can commit 110% knowing you have the right information, tools and support to achieve the body you've always wanted. Full Stop, Period

Are you asking yourself, "this is exactly what I have been looking for but it sounds too good to be true?"

Good! Because I want you to be skeptical. I am tired of people wasting money on diet foods, fads and programs that don't work.

What you need right now is deeper
further proof this can work for you

So I will let some of my Get Leaners share their real-life experiences and results with you.

Click Here to Watch Pili's Testimonial

Click Here to Watch Tracy's Testimonial

How can Get Lean change YOUR life?

Picture this...

It's been just six weeks since you started your Get Lean program. Your energy levels are soaring, the scale is going down and your friends are amazed at how great you look.

You finally realize how incredible it feels to drop your extra body-fat and gain beautifully sculpted muscle tone...

Excited by your new body-shape and feel... You decide it's time to buy some new gym outfits to celebrate your dramatic progress. While browsing through the racks you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror...

You think to yourself: "Is that really me?"

Your face is glowing, your silhouette is beautifully defined - you look fit and strong yet feminine...very attractive.

Inside the dressing room it's just you
and the mirror and you can't believe
your eyes. The mirror doesn't lie...
So, what you see is very real...

The eye-catching shape of your physique, your proportions - everything looks tighter, lifted and more toned.

As you take off your clothes, even your skin feels smoother and you can't see any cellulite - anywhere. You do a second take as your mind drifts to that heavenly lingerie you saw in a magazine last week... and a sexy new confidence sweeps over you.

As you slip on the gym pants they glide over your tightly-toned thighs and firmly rounded butt so easily you wonder if you have the right size, you double check, yes one size smaller than your usual and it still feels so comfortable.

You turn to check out your butt and to your surprise, it's higher and tighter, YES.. even "sexy". On goes the top and you notice your arms... They are tight, toned and strong - but still feminine.

You start imagining how amazing a sleeveless dress looks on you...

You realize you can now wear
whatever you want, whenever you
want, wherever you want...

Your best friend calls out to you and as you step outside she breaks into a huge smile - her face says it all. She wants to take a pic on her phone and you agree even though in the past you hated having your photo taken. Another "first".

You notice a cute guy nearby sneaking a peek and even his girlfriend gives you a second glance - there's a little rush of excitement…something you haven't had for a long, long time...

It's like the clock has been turned
back 10 years and you've been
given a second chance

Back in the dressing room you do another double-take; you see a clear resemblance to the fitness physiques you have always admired in the magazines. You can't believe it's really you and you even have the courage to strike a little pose. Then you notice the finer details...

Your inner thighs are super-tight for the first time ever, your lower tummy region is flatter and you realize your legs look superb even with no heels.

You can't believe how much Get Lean
changed your body and your life
in such a short time

You no longer struggle with trouble-spots and problem areas... Gone are the days where you still want to improve certain areas of your body. No more guessing, no more wishing... YOU HAVE ARRIVED...

Friends and family are coming to YOU for advice. They want to know YOUR secret to physical success...

Little do they know this is all more than just physical... Your self-esteem has skyrocketed. Your self-image has been transformed. YOU see yourself in a whole new light and this shows in everything you do.

You are living the life you want - in the body you desire... Vacations, weddings, beach days, pool-side gatherings... "Bring them on!" you say... Because you're ready.

All of this because you made a simple yet powerful decision just a few short weeks ago.

You decided to take control of your body and life by following the Get Lean program...

You secretly admit to yourself... If only you had this years ago, you would have gladly paid 10 times over knowing now how you would be feeling and looking just a few weeks later.

And then you smile - realizing all you've accomplished for just the price of a nice pair of shoes... Yes - life is so good..... Now, time to go shopping for that sexy lingerie.....

This is your future reality, remember this happened to me and as you read further you will also realize how this can happen to you....

Here's how it's going to happen for YOU!


Your Get Lean Program

Component 1: The 12-Week Get Lean Nutrition Manual

  • The complete easy to follow manual detailing everything you need to know including what to eat, when to eat, detailed food lists, recipes, charts, tables and a diary for tracking your progress.
  • Follow this 90-day plan in combination with The Get Lean Workouts for accelerated fat burning and rapid body re-shaping!

Component 2: The Torch The Fat Recipe Book

  • It's a proven fact that losing weight depends on knowing what to cook so here are my Top 50 Fat Burning Recipes to make your Get Lean Life a breeze including metric and imperial measurements, easy to follow steps and short cuts.
  • If you thought healthy meant boring and bland wait till you taste these delicious meals - you will never feel like you are on a diet again.

Component 3: The Get Lean Quick Start Guide (video)

  • To help you get started quickly and easily I walk you through all the components of your program personally via video.
  • Nothing is left to chance because you will have everything in place for your "official" first day.

Component 4: The Bodyweight Fat-Burning Workouts (downloadable video series)

  • If you think bodyweight workouts are too easy wait until you try these full body fat burning circuits! My 12-week at home or on the road system will fire up your metabolism and target all your problem areas (flabby legs, saggy butt, puffy tummy and shapeless arms) to keep you lean & defined without the need for any weights or expensive equipment.
  • Step by step exercises with advanced techniques designed to radically transform your body into a toned, tight and sexy machine.
  • Choose your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • No equipment required.
  • Follow along with me as I walk you through every workout so there is no more guessing! I'll talk you through and demonstrate every exercise and show you exactly how to perform the workouts (how many reps, how much rest, and how many sets). It's like having me as your own personal trainer!
  • Watch the videos online anytime or download to your computer.

Component 5: The Resistance Re-Shaping Workouts (downloadable video series)

  • Your best body is just around the corner with my proprietary 12-week breakthrough training system that will radically re-shape your body in ways you never dreamed possible by deeply stimulating your muscle fibers to tone, lift and sculpt.
  • Follow along with me as I walk you through every workout and show you the exact form and technique for every exercise. I coach you just like my own real-life clients.
  • Choose your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • Equipment required: dumbbells, body bar/barbell, bench, step and exercise ball.
  • Watch the videos online anytime or download to your computer.

Component 6: The Memory Jogger MP4 Mini Workout Clips

  • Remembering your workout will never be a problem with my Memory-Jogger video clips.
  • These quick reference clips will make sure your form and technique are always perfect, just like having me as your own personal trainer!
  • Designed to download to your mobile device for easy reference in the gym.

Component 7: The Printable Workout Cheat Sheets, Progress Tracker & Progression Plan.

  • You'll be 100% prepared for every workout after printing out the tools I personally use for myself and with my clients.
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise instructional Cheat Sheets with photos that show you exactly how to do every exercise with the proper form and technique. You'll learn how even the smallest tweaks can dramatically change an exercise to deeply stimulating the right muscles for accelerated results.
  • Keep raising the bar with my easy to follow Progression Plan. By avoiding plateaus you will see consistent improvement in your performance and physique.
  • Measure your progress according to speed, time and strength using my Performance Tracker. You will always know exactly how to train right and get results you can see and measure.

Component 8: The HIIT Cardio Guide

  • Stop wasting precious time and energy on long, boring and counter productive cardio sessions.
  • Short duration, high intensity cardio interval workouts are ideal to alternate with your resistance or bodyweight training to dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat burning.
  • You will quickly improve your capacity to train harder so you see faster results.

Component 9: The Training Jump Start Guide

  • There will be no guesswork because I will walk you through everything to help get you started quickly and confidently.
  • My at home fitness assessment will show you what workout level to begin at so you start seeing progress straight away.
  • I illustrate how to use all the tools so you know exactly how to stay on track and keep seeing progress.
  • You can go straight to your first set of workouts and get started today, knowing you are doing everything right to get into the best shape of your life.

Component 10: 30 Days FREE Access to Aussie Transformation Coach

  • Your Online Transformation Program available 24/7.
  • Receive caring support, expert guidance and personalized advice for your body type and metabolism to help you achieve your dream physique.
  • Know what to do when you hit a speed hump in your progress (whether due to travel, family, work commitments or health set-backs) so you stay motivated and keep seeing progress.
  • Includes step-by-step video coaching, expert audio programs, helpful articles and features on a wide range of topics and an interactive peer support forum.

Your Get Lean Bonus Package

Bonus 1: How to Track Your Transformation (video)

Based on my own personal transformation and the experiences of other Get Leaners this powerful behind the scenes video will motivate and guide you through the simple steps getting started and staying on track for success.

  • How to record your stats starting out and during the program.
  • How to measure your progress so you stay motivated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Before, during and after stories from other Get Leaners.

$29.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

Bonus 2: Self-Affirmation Audio "Think Lean - Get Lean"

The simple truth is that negative thinking often undermines weight loss. Here I give you my secrets to being more positive, confident and in control. You will be empowered to make the changes you always dreamt of.

  • Simple techniques for dealing with the negative, depressing and sad thoughts that lead to emotional eating.
  • Turn around the self-sabotaging thinking that in the past has hijacked your best intentions to lose weight and transform your body.

$19.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

Bonus 3: "Laser Focused" Expert Audio Interview: How To Stay On Track No Matter What Life Throws Your Way

Discover the secrets to overcoming life’s common obstacles to stay on track and achieve your goals. Featuring America's Optimism Coach, Lucy Beal, Exercise Physiologist Joey Atlas and myself.

  • The simplest and most powerful secrets to overcoming life's common obstacles.
  • How to tap into "invisible" sources of motivation to stay on track with your goals.
  • A powerful, but rarely used, mind-trick to reverse negative situations into positive ones.
  • How to generate personal energy & emotional fuel from regular setbacks and life challenges.

$29.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

What is achieving the body you've
always wanted worth to you?

If you're like me, in the past you spent tons of money on a myriad of solutions to feeling better about yourself and solving your body problems.

Think about it...

  • Magazines & Books (subscriptions and random purchases per year, did you read them more than once? Have any of them improved your body and life?)
  • Special Supplements and "Diet" Foods (the latest magic bullet, was it good enough to buy again? Did any quick-fix ever work for you?)
  • Personal Training, Gym Membership, Programs or Courses (a serious financial commitment, have you seen the results you want yet? And have you kept the results?)
  • Cosmetic "Treatments" and products (OK they feel great but have they really helped?)
  • "Retail Therapy" (you know what I mean)...

Imagine deciding instead to make a quality investment in your long-term happiness, health and well-being knowing it will make the difference you have been longing for...

It is possible and you can achieve the best body of your life. Remember, I know what it feels like to be incredibly frustrated, looking for solutions and never finding them...

So today I am willing to give you my complete program at a huge discount and make it fully refundable if for any reason it doesn't blow you away and exceed all your expectations.

Don't let this chance pass you by today, choose your perfect plan below and I will be there on the other side waiting to meet you personally and start you on your new Get Lean journey.

Yes! I am Ready for My Ultimate Body Transformation with Get Lean

Immediately Download the Get Lean Program
For Just $87

(Regularly $195 - And Worth Every Penny)

The Get Lean risk free full 60 day 100% money back guarantee

As someone who buys A LOT of things online, I understand the reservations you may be feeling about ordering over the Internet.

It's paramount to me you know your order will be immediately followed up by prompt, friendly customer service and my personal attention if necessary to make sure you have everything you need and that you are getting the results I have promised.

You will be beyond happy with Get Lean knowing I am committed to doing everything I possibly can to help you achieve the body you have always wanted.

All I ask is that you follow the program "to the T" for 6 weeks and then if, for any reason you feel your investment wasn't worth it, I will process a FULL REFUND no questions asked.

I can't make it any clearer than that.

  • I understand that my order is totally risk-free. If, for any reason I'm not completely satisfied, I have 60 days to return it for a 100% full refund - no questions asked.
  • I also understand that the prices shown below are a limited-time offer (the price will go up in the future).
  • I understand that I will have instant access to download Get Lean and all bonuses immediately after I purchase, so I can get started straight away.

Note: The Get Lean Program includes eBooks in PDF format with online and downloadable videos. Everything is viewable on any computer (no special software required). Since no physical products will be shipped, there's no wait and no shipping charges. You get the whole package instantly! This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

Remember, you are not on your own now - getting help while on the program is always right at your fingers tips both via email and in my Aussie Transformation Coach Private Members Area.

You can go ahead today with your purchase knowing Get Lean is backed by my caring support and a risk free full 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

Once you place your order you will have IMMEDIATE access to all your materials, videos and the members area so you can get started straight away.

I can't wait to meet you and see you on the other side!

What the experts are saying
about get lean

9 Very Powerful Ways Get Lean Will Dramatically Change Your Body And Your Life:

1. There will be no more guesswork about what fat burning foods to eat, your exact portion sizes, how to easily substitute foods and swap meals around to fit even the most demanding lifestyle (the Get Lean Nutrition Guide Part 3).

"I needed things to be simple and straight forward with easy guidelines and quick recipes. Before Get Lean I couldn't even boil an egg! It's a huge relief not having to think about what to eat - I love the prepare-ahead meals for every single day, now I look forward to being in the kitchen" Crystal

You will discover the precise way to sculpt your legs, lift your butt and tighten your tummy using the exact sequence of exercises that I train myself, competitors and fitness models with - most people do these incorrectly, wasting their time and getting frustrated with not seeing results from their hard work (Workout Videos 1-24).

"Starting the workouts I literally saw and felt and feel changes right before my eyes within a few weeks - now every time I get out of the shower I have to check myself out lol, it is soooooo incredibly motivating to know what I am doing is making such a visible difference" Nancy

3. Get fast track results in less time with easy to follow bodyweight workouts that can be done in under 30 minutes, in the privacy of your own home without expensive exercise machines or weights (Jump Start Workout Guide).

"I used to workout a lot but now have 2 children under 5 years old I just can't get to the gym. But you make it easy with your fast track workouts - I love being able to do the quick routines knowing I am still getting kick butt results.. thank you so much Belinda!" Tracy

4. Know what to eat to eliminate an overactive appetite and difficult hunger pains to prevent unwanted lower body-fat, water retention and cellulite (page 29 Get Lean Nutrition Guide Part 1).

"I don't crave a thing! No sugar, no chocolate, no hot chips, no ice-cream - I just love my routine, my regular eating and wonderful, whole foods! I feel amazing, so healthy and so happy with where I am at physically!" Olivia

Within a few weeks you will be able to wear your favorite "back of the closet clothes" because your body will completely re-sculpted from top to toe making you look years younger - get ready for the compliments!

"For the first time in years I got a compliment on my body - at the supermarket checkout no less (yes I was in my "skinny jeans")"! Annie

6. Laser targeted bikini body exercises that professional swimsuit and fitness models do to firm up their legs, butt and tummy before their big photo shoots (Get Lean Bodyweight and Resistance Training Workouts).

"I never thought I would be getting in front of the camera at age 46 but thanks to you Belinda, I am doing my first ever shoot next you always say "never say never"! Melanie

7. Discover three of the biggest, most overlooked reasons you may not be making progress - once you discover these very simple concepts, your improvements will be visible with each passing week - without these your trouble areas will keep getting worse as you get older (Video: Get Lean Quick Start Guide).

"I've been eating "clean" and busting my gut in the gym forever but within 3 weeks I am starting to see the changes I have been dreaming of for years, if only I knew how a few simple changes in my eating habits and adjustments to my workouts could make a lifetime of difference.." Deb

8. If diet, age, hormonal or genetic related cellulite is a challenge for you then the Get Lean Workouts are for you.

"my thighs and butt have always been full of cellulite but after doing your program for six weeks today I finally had the courage to look in the mirror - I was shocked to see that the cellulite was GONE, tomorrow I am going out to buy my first ever bikini!! thanks to you Belinda!" Jade

9. No matter what your age, discover how to turn back the clock just like I did - defy aging, break the stereotypes, shock your family and friends by saying NO to looking unattractive and "old".

"I am 62 and after following your program I have abs for the first time in my life, I know it's real because my husband complimented me on my 4 pack! I feel a new sense of life energy - knowing I look way younger, fitter, stronger and healthier than all my friends". Marly
"My 32 year old boyfriend just did a very long second take when I got out of the shower this morning - Belinda I just had to email you because I know you will understand, thanks to you I have a wonderful and caring younger man in my life (I am 46) but more importantly, deep down I know he is with me for keeps!" LOL, fringe benefits to Get Lean! xo Chris

Have a question? I've probably
already answered it below!

Q: What exactly is the Get Lean Program and why is it so effective?

Get Lean is a 12 week fat burning nutrition and workout program designed to help you lose weight fast and transform your body.

The eating plan and exercises are designed to 1) maximize your fat metabolism 2) eliminate excess body fat and 3) tone and strengthen your muscles to reshape your body.

You can start loving the body you see in the mirror with just a few small but very powerful changes...

  • Reduce your body fat % to create a naturally sexy lean, feminine and fit physique
  • Take your muscle density up a few notches to sculpt, tone and define your legs, tummy & arms
  • Balance your hormones with the right foods and exercises to eliminate uneven fat distribution and help deal with frustrating mood swings and emotional eating.
  • Tighten up and firm your skin to show off your new body.

Bottom line, by combining the right foods, portion sizes and meal timing with the correct exercises, volume and intensity will take your body beyond what you ever thought possible.

Q: How long should I follow the program?

If you have a special event coming up soon you can follow the 6-week fast track program. For full transformational results I recommend you take on Get Lean for the full 12 weeks.

Q: How fast will I see results?

Most people see results by the end of the first week and significant progress by the end of month one. Get Lean is designed to gradually increase your metabolism and your body strength over the course of the program so your results will escalate continuously over the 12 weeks.

Q: Am I just going to lose a lot of weight only to gain it right back?

Absolutely not! This is very important to me, as I value holistic health and long term results.

This is about lifestyle, being able to feel and look amazing while enjoying food in a healthy way. Get Lean protects your metabolism throughout the entire course of the program to make sure the weight you lose stays off long term.

In fact, Get Lean increases your resting metabolism so even though you feel like you are eating plenty, you still keep losing weight.

Q: What if I don't have "a lot" of fat to lose?

You probably have seen the testimonials on this page. There are people who were already in great shape before starting but Get Lean got them into amazing shape with the lowest body fat they had ever experienced and incredible physique symmetry.

Whether you want to lose those last few stubborn pounds or achieve a radical transformation Get Lean will get you help you achieve the body you have always wanted.

Q: Can I use the workouts at home or do I need to train in a fancy gym?

Absolutely! All your bases are covered and there are no excuses for not working out.

I created the Bodyweight Fat Burning Workouts for you to do in the comfort of your own home with no equipment at all!

The Resistance Re-Shaping Workouts use a bench, dumbbells, barbell or body bar, stability ball and step.

  • Every exercise has 3 variations for beginner, intermediate advanced with full explanations from me on technique and form.
  • You will never be bored or feel unchallenged! No matter what your level or experience the Get Lean Workouts are fun and extremely effective.

Q: What if I don't recognize an exercise?

The entire workout program is VIDEO based so you get to watch me demonstrate every single exercise and listen to my step-by-step instructions on perfect form and technique so you get maximize results. It's like having me as your very own Personal Trainer!

Q: I want to start losing fat now; will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

No! The entire program will become immediately available to you, anywhere in the world, via download after your purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting for results!

Everything can be downloaded to your computer once your order is processed successfully.

When you click the Buy Now button on this page the order form will look like this:

Q: I'm a lot younger (or older) than you, will this program still work?

Yes, and we know that because I've already had plenty of people of all ages experience massive success while using the program.

The program is ideal for any female of any age and any training background who is committed to making the most of their fitness and health.

Q: Can males follow this program?

Yes! I have many men on Get Lean with great results. If you want to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life, then you won't be disappointed.

Q: What if I don't see the results I want?

First of all, I would be EXTREMELY SURPRISED if you are not over the moon with Get Lean. But, if for some unexpected reason you are not happy, then just let me know and I will process a full refund straight away, no questions asked.

Simply put, if you follow my program exactly as outlined and you do not finish with the best body you have ever seen in the mirror within 60 days then just let me know and I will refund every last penny.

By now you should know your best body is my goal. If you invest in my program and don't see results, I'll make things right and refund you - no questions asked.

As you can see, the pressure is completely on me to deliver you the results you deserve - all you need to do is give the program an honest shot and it'll work for you.


  • Get Lean includes a complete series of downloadable video files.
  • No physical products will be shipped to your home. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the video workouts onto your computer.
  • The video files can be viewed on Mac or PC and I'll show you exactly how to view your workouts so you can start right away.

Q: What happens after the 12 weeks?

This is just the beginning! You now have your new body and the sky's the limit. With my Private Members Area chock-a-block with expert nutrition and workout resources you can have access to everything you need right to take your body beyond your wildest dreams and keep it there forever.

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  • There is absolutely no way you can lose - except by not letting the Get Lean Program work for you.

I'm giving you a 60 day risk-free guarantee to test the program and to see what countless other people have already discovered to be the most powerful and fastest-acting program period. Join all my Get Leaners and me RISK-FREE right now.

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To The Transformation of Your Life,

P.S. Even the lowest price of $87 includes all my free bonuses valued at $195 (only available for a limited time).

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